Sunday, September 9, 2012

Grandparents Day 2012: Remembering My Grandmother

Willie Ealy Collier
(1904 – 1990)
Youngest daughter of Paul Ealy & Adeline Kennedy Ealy

Over two decades ago, God called you into His kingdom. I was devastated because I was losing the best grandmother a boy could have ever wished for. But after the river of tears, I realized that I wasn't losing you at all. You are always with me. How do I know? Because you are often in my dreams, and every time I wake up after seeing you in my dream, the day is already starting off great.

It brings me so much joy to remember....

...when you, me, and Granddaddy would go fishing on Mr. Swayze's pond in Yazoo County. That would be the only time when I couldn't wait to wake up at 5 AM in the morning. How I loved our fishing trips!

...the many talks you shared with me about your family and its history. I credit my love for genealogy to your stories about your parents and grandparents. And I still remember how you said that you being the youngest child of your parents' nine children, you were a spoiled brat.

...when we would go to Carthage, and as we were walking around the town's square, one of your former students would come up to you and greet you. You'd laugh and talk with them as if you were truly glad to see them after all of those years. Then, once they walk away, you'd look at me and say, "Baby, I don't remember her/him to save my life!" I am laughing now just remembering how you'd say it.

...when I was 12 years old and had just learned how to drive, you let me drive you and Granddaddy to the Ealy Family Reunion picnic 50 miles away in Scott County.  No learner's permit, no driver's license, nothing but Faith.  You had me to sit on a pillow so I would be high enough in front of the steering wheel, and you placed your life and your new Chevrolet Impala in my hands.  I don't know if you ever realized how grown I felt that day!

...your elegant strut as you walked in church because you knew you were sharp. And you were!

...when I was 13 and getting off the Amtrak train from spending two weeks in Chicago, you were right there at the station to make sure that I arrived back home safely. The train stopped but started to move again to a better spot so people could get off safely, and you thought the train was leaving. I heard your voice from inside the train, "Stop that train!! My grandbaby is on there!!" Oh yes, I remember how happy I was to hear your voice! you'd buy me whatever I wanted. You made a 15-year-old teenager so happy when, without hesitation, you agreed to buy me that red Honda Elite motor scooter I desperately wanted. My friends teased me that you were the one who spoiled me. I guess they were right. you and Granddaddy would encourage me, give me guidance, and always would let me know when I was doing wrong. when Mom or Dad would cook something I didn't like, I'd jump on my bike or scooter, head to your house, and begged you to buy me a Big Mac from McDonald's. Every time I eat a Big Mac now, I remember those times. much you loved and respected my Mom, your daughter-in-law; you'd think that she was your child rather than Dad.

...the many times when I went with you to your hometown church in Lena, Mississippi.  On one of those times, after church, while everyone was gathering outside, you saw this young girl and tried to hook me up with her.  Then minutes later, you learned that she was your first cousin's granddaughter!  LOL you loved Tube Rose snuff, and I am still laughing about how you'd say that you'd die if I didn't run to the store to get you some snuff. you showered us with so much love. So much so, that twenty-two years later, it seems that you haven't been gone from this earthly setting for over two decades.

When I need an uplift, all I need to do is sit back and remember the best grandmother in the world! I thank God for the memories.

I love you, Grandma. Somehow, I know you're reading this.

Your "Buster" (and you were the only person who could call me that without me getting mad. LOL)