Monday, May 7, 2012

COMING SOON: The Second Edition of “Mississippi to Africa: A Journey of Discovery”

Paperback; 302 pages; $14.99


     I am overjoyed to announce the upcoming release of the new 2nd edition of Mississippi to Africa: A Journey of Discovery.  With a new publishing company, I am thrilled to be able to offer this 2nd edition at a much lower price.  The nature of genealogy research has witnessed some changes since its first release in 2008 due to advances in technologies.  Because of this, the 2nd edition will contain an updated Research Tips section, a number of other updates, and a new epilogue that will show how autosomal DNA testing validated my research findings. 

     As a recap, Mississippi to Africa can be described as an extensive case study of an African-American family – my maternal grandmother’s mother’s family – whose roots were successfully traced back 7 generations to an 18th-century enslaved couple in South Carolina.  That couple is believed to have been among the first ancestors to step foot on American soil.  The book takes readers on my 14-year journey that involved finding numerous records that enabled me to methodically piece together my family puzzle, generation after generation, in 5 informative chapters.  The explanatory nature of this journey, which is told in a narrative form, helps and inspires everyone, including the beginner researcher, the intermediate researcher, and the advanced researcher.

     Along with the oral history from a number of family elders, one who died in 2008 at the age of 103, the sources that enabled me to document 7 generations include:

Bills of sale (slaves)
Census records
Church records
City directories
County history books
Court records
Death records
Deeds of gifts (slaves)
Diaries / memoirs
Educable Children school records (Mississippi)
Freedmen’s Bank applications
Land records
Linguistic books
Marriage records
Military pension record (Civil War)
Newspaper articles
Probate records
Slave inventories
Slave narrative
Slave schedules
Social security applications
Southern Claims Commission records
Tax digests
Transatlantic slave trade data
World War I draft registration card
...and more
Will be available at or in June!


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