Sunday, November 11, 2018

Veterans Day Tribute: Honoring My Look-Alike and Others’ Service in World War I

John Wesley Davis & Jessie Franklin Davis - This picture was taken shortly before they were drafted to serve in World War I.

When I first posted this picture of my great-uncles, John Wesley Davis and Jessie Franklin Davis of Panola County, Mississippi (L to R), a number of people, including family members, remarked that I bear a strong resemblance to Uncle John Wesley. I see some resemblance, but I wasn’t surprised by their observation. I am known to bear a strong resemblance to other members of my maternal grandmother’s family.

Nonetheless, for Veterans Day this year, on the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, the end of World War I, I also pay homage to them, who were both World War I veterans. Born on 13 December 1893 and 22 February 1896, respectively, near Como, Mississippi, Uncles John Wesley and Jessie were the first two children born to my great-grandparents, John Hector Davis & Mary Danner Davis. My grandmother, Minnie Davis Reed, was the youngest of their nine children. Great-Grandpa John had four additional children.

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